Evgeniya Furor
Atelier "Evgeniya furor" is a place offering an impeccable image for each client for 23 years. The founder of the atelier, Evgeniya Ivanova, brings her love for fashion and exquisite style to every product.

The concept of the atelier is based on tailoring products and creating an individual image for each client. Atelier uses the highest quality materials, paying particular attention to fit and detail products. Our studio provides sewing services for fabric goods, such as dresses, suits and outerwear, as well as natural fur and leather goods. We also specialize in reshaping old fur coats for fresh and current styles.

A visit to Evgeniya furor atelier is an opportunity to feel not only confident and beautiful, but also to find an individual image that meets your desires and requirements. Don't hesitate and come for a fitting today!
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